Martial Arts Skill Development

In order to develop a strategy in self-protection we need to develop specific tactics. Tactics are made up of techniques that require certain attributes. This is where martial arts skill development is so important in self-protection. The martial arts skills develop coordination, stability, agility, flexibility, speed, power, etc.. We develop these attributes through techniques such as; footwork, hand strikes, kicking, ground defense and protective tactics. If you can increase your martial arts skills, then you will increase your ability to defend yourself.

Situational    Self-Defense

Pure Self Defense Academy understands that every situation in self defense training is going to be different and unique.  The goal at Pure Self Defense Academy is to teach tactics and strategies to protect yourself in any given situation. We work on situations from ground fighting, to stand up altercations, to knife and stick usage/defense. You name it, we work it. Would you know what to do if someone pulled a knife on you, threw you to the ground, or tried to punch you in the face? Our job is to show you the most effective tactics and concepts to escape and survive.

Group training

Some classes will focus on martial arts skills, while others focus on situational self-defense. Group class training allows us to breakdown the fundamentals, and teach specific concepts to help us understand  pre-fight indicators, the altercation itself, and post-fight survival. It is very important not only to learn the basic skills and situations, but really understanding the “why” and “how” to overcome these obstacles you could potenially face. Group classes will help you become a well-rounded and prepared martial artist by training with students of different strengths, sizes, athletic ability, and experience. Group class training is a one hour workout, workshop, and experience.

Personal Training

Pure Self Defense Academy offers personalized training. There are three main benefits to our private training program. 1) Schedule the classes at your convenience. 2) Learn at a faster pace. 3) Customize the class to your specific wants and needs. Personal training is taught in 30 minute or 1 hour sessions.

Take your 1st class on us

Have you wanted to learn self-defense? Then there is no better time than right now. As we get older we tend to have a harder time starting something new, we don’t want to feel awkward, uncertain on what to expect, and the fear of not being good enough. Don’t let that stop you from missing out on something you have wanted to do your whole life. Your time is right now!


I just finished taking a 12-week women’s self defense class instructed by Brandon.  Each 30-minute class focused on different techniques and situations- we learned different punches and blocks and how to get out of various positions – both standing and on the ground – that a potential attacker could put you in.  We also practiced how to handle situations where the attacker has a knife or a blunt object.  I got much more out of the class than I anticipated.  My husband was even impressed with some of the techniques I learned and used on him (gently lol).  A great class I think any woman or young girl should take.

Megan O.

This dojo kills it. Lead by an amazing man and highly trained instructor, you won’t regret coming to this place. Perfect for all ages and my favorite thing is that the regimen focuses on the practicality of self defense training while respecting the great classical traditions that have got us all here. No sense in training self defense if you can’t actually defend yourself. Don’t waste your time looking for another studio to learn, do yourself a favor and rock it asap over here. Both Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence would have trained here together if they had the chance back in 1984, no doubt.

Justin F.

They are always welcoming and treat everyone like family. I just got my purple belt and I look forward to continuing my journey to black belt with them. I would recommend them to anyone looking to better themselves with the training to visit and try them out.

Fred M.



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